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The Weight Vest is built with the utmost quality standards to ensure years of usage and benefit for both you and your dog! Our Canine Weight Vest is designed with the main purposes:

Assisting in weight loss for overweight dogs
Building stamina, muscle strength, and endurance in your dog during exercise
Burning excess energy in a dominant or aggressive dog – a tired dog is a less “wired” dog!
Increasing muscle tone and development for recreational or rehabilitation purposes
Improving cardiovascular health and stress reduction
Sporting use e.g. weight pulling, parachuting, etc…


  • Our weight vest should not be used for dogs under 2 years of age or senior dogs with structural issues. Dogs usually reach maturity between 18 – 24 months old and excess strain caused by overloading can impact their joints and muscle structure. This can also be caused by overworking them or over-exercising them during the development period 
  • Weight pulling or weighted vest activity must always be supervised
  • Working your dog in excessive heat or extreme temperatures is not recommended and can be fatal. Always make sure to provide water, sufficient rest, and adequate shade for your dog during hot weather and exercise in the early morning or late evening


  • Our Canine Weight Vest is made from heavy-duty, Cordura denier-backed fabric and is double stitched for a heavy-duty construction
  • Designed with fully adjustable velcro and buckle girth and chest straps to provide a comfortable, secure, and snug fit for any dog
  • The vest interior, chest strap, and girth straps are fully lined for optimum comfort during use.
  • Horizontal side pocket channels for incremental weight ingot use
  • Slim channel design to keep weights flush with the body to reduce shifting and movement of vest during use
  • Weight Ingots are sold separately.


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