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Paw protector

More breathable: because our fabric is breathable and non-slip, other styles of non-slip glue covers the breathability of the fabric, so VALFRID non-slip dog pads are more suitable for summer than other styles and socks.
Size: 1.97 x 2.24 inches (length x width). Suitable weight: 41 to 60 pounds, 24 pieces per pack, 6 sets for 4 paws.
Note: keep the dog’s paws clean before gluing, this will strengthen the iness stick. VALFRID is only factory responsible for the quality of the products.
Durable: using special certified hypoallergenic adhesive, made for eco-friendly nano glue, it has durable sole and high quality fabrics, non-toxic and eco-friendly material and soft and breathable texture with rubber dot to strengthen the friction to ensure they are ready for your adventure.
Great function: keeps your dog’s paws clean and safe from slipping on floors or burning on hot pavement, etc.
Practical: the dog paw protector keeps paws dry and warm. No more cleaning muddy or sandy paws after rain or snow. Helps dogs with mobility and stability on tiled and wooden floors.
Easy to use: trim your dog’s nails and hair between pads; keep your dog’s paw clean and dry; remove the sticker and stick it on the paw.


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